Rules And Regulations

It is Mandatory for all students to
read the College Handbook

Engagement and Attendance

We have a strict policy on attendance. The most effective way to see you through the course is to keep studying with minimum breaks. At the same time we recognise that it is sometimes not possible to attend, in which case we ask that you contact us as, subject to circumstances, administrator may give you permission to be absent. For further information, please refer to the Attendance and Leave of Absence Policy below.

Attendance Students are expected to attend all classes. Regular class attendance is critical to success as a student. Each student is expected to be cognizant of the attendance policy.

The Attendance Policy

Attendance is taken each class meeting. Each class meeting missed counts as an absence. NCUK ACCRA does not distinguish between “excused” and “unexcused” absences.

Policy and procedure for any missed assignments, quizzes and/or exams will be determined by NCUK ACCRA . Each student is responsible for contacting the Administrative Officer regarding coursework missed or not-submitted on time due to an absence.

A student who is not present in at least one class meeting of an individual paper for up to 4 consecutive times will be unregistered. A student who is not present in at least one class meeting of an individual paper during the first one week of a 10-week, 11-week or 12 week teaching session will be unregistered from that individual course. A student who is not present in at least one class meeting of an individual course during the first three calendar days of a four weeks teaching session for revision will be unregistered from that course.

After the second week of classes, a student who fails to attend consecutive class meetings of a single course for three consecutive weeks of class will be involuntarily withdrawn from that course. A student who fails to attend a single course for two consecutive weeks during a teaching session will be involuntarily withdrawn from the course. Students administratively withdrawn from a course for violation of this section of the attendance policy will not receive any refund of tuition fees. Students absent for up to three weeks due to illness with certified medical certificate from a recognized medical officer will be permitted to make up for the loss session. The administrator will establish reasonable deadlines for make-up teaching session.

Anyone who will be late more than 30 minutes will have his or her class cancelled. Students are advised to call at least 30 minutes earlier to inform the Administrator, when they are running late, where no such calls or text are received that class will be cancelled and will not be rescheduled. Lateness put our valued lecturers in a situation that may cause them to turn down the opportunity to further extend their teaching services with the centre. So we will not take it lightly for those who persistently comes late or refused to answer their phone when running late or when they know they may miss class.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

NCUK ACCRA maintains a smoke-free and drug-free environment in accordance with the laws of Ghana. The unlawful use, possession, distribution, dispensing or manufacture of controlled substances is strictly prohibited and offenders will be handed over to the law enforcement agencies. Smoking is prohibited anywhere on campus.

Always come for lecturers (BE PUNCTUAL)

It is Mandatory to use at least 8 hours a week in the school’s library for studies

Submit Mock Assessments on time for Review before the exams