About Us

Chairman’s Message

In this fast-moving and competitive world, the key to an individual’s future lies in the range and quality of their education. It is not only essential to have well-founded studies with widely recognized qualifications, but also to stand above the crowd.

That is why entering higher education is likely to be one of the most significant decisions you will make. It will affect both your personal development and the direction of your career. Quality, affordability, employability are the hallmarks to our approach to higher education focusing on research and professionalism with a practical orientation.We are a professional and research oriented college aimed at developing academic minds and the research tools needed in the various carriers. At NCUK ACCRA, we strive to deliver high quality courses, which aim to meet our student’ needs, While we are committed to helping students acquire knowledge, skills and intellectual values, we understand the importance of producing employable graduates who can contribute to the growth and prosperity of society. By choosing to study with us, you will be equipping yourself for success. We provide a wide range of high quality professional development and academic programs in collaboration with our prestigious partner Northern Consortium of UK NCUK.

I also understand the need for you to feel at home in the new surroundings. All my teachers and the management team are cordial and affectionate and we help you have a personalized learning experience.

Mission & Vision

NCUK ACCRA long term vision is to be a think-tank, world class research oriented and professionally focused institution solving complex finance and accounting problems and providing alternative solutions to diverging views relating to accounting and finance through research in Africa. As our motto goes: Research and professionalism.

NCUK will blend high-tech learning environment, innovation and with practical orientation and person centred approach in delivery its lectures. NCUK will foster and accelerate the “mission” to bring quality education from the UK at the door step of everyone in Ghana and Africa through vigorously advertising, promotions, scholarships, seminars, conferences, communities outreach, and workshops every quarterly, to make GHPC a “household name” in quality education in Ghana and Africa.

Our mission is simple, at NCUK ACCRA we give you a – “WORLD OF KNOWLEDGE” for life.

History Of NCUK Accra

The establishment of NCUK ACCRA was inspired by the academic performance of Ghanaian foreign students in UK; this made us deem it important to have access to British education and degree in Ghana. Investigation and survey was conducted and there was the realization that good study materials especially text books and the real lectures, counselling and tutorial support was the main factor that helped students to excel.

We then decided to instigate a foreign partnership with a foreign University and we were fortunate enough to have found NCUK. We are proud to say we found exactly what we wanted in NCUK and we have a contract and a partnership with them. We chose NCUK since they had all that we needed for our students in Ghana and were ready to give more.

We took the advantage to observe the study centres of NCUK in other countries just to make sure we replicate what we want there. We can confidently say we have brought exactly what we want from UK to Ghana in terms of quality educational resource: from technology, innovation, quality assurance and the NCUK brand which our contract necessitates us to promote.

The owners of NCUK ACCRA are much vested in the experience of accountancy and finance well over 35 years and have leverage that experience into the management of the school. Our focus is to follow the UK way of studying, where reflective practice mode of studying is adopted, interactive and innovative classroom tuition are well advanced with excellent tutor support. So that we can be 1st class in delivering pathway programmes that allows you to gain the skills and qualifications you need to succeed at university and be employable

Management Team

Amanda Lee


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Amanda Lee


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Amanda Lee


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Director’s Message

Dear Student.

You are most welcome to the big family of success and a Community of Students. Success of all of our students and the continuous development of our tutors and staff continues to be our focused priority. NCUK ACCRA boasts of talented, professional, and caring staffs who are dedicated to making this an enjoyable learning experience. We hope that you will find the coursework stimulating, challenging, and rewarding. We assure you of our outstanding education and training programs tailored to fit your long term career objectives and aspirations.

This website contains excellent information on our wide variety of services for students, including counselling, job search assistance. We have the staffs and administrators who are fully committed to helping you succeed in your career. In addition, our counsellors are tremendous assets providing you with one-on-one support and ensuring that a much productive and conducive learning environment is created at all times to foster academic and social cohabitation. Our vowed resolve to be there for another to resolve personal issues cannot be overlooked. And to learn more about all of our academic programs, counselling services, and clubs and activities.

We help you have personalized learning experience. We look forward to seeing you on centre and thank you for becoming a member of this community!

Thank you